Tokyo Sushi and Teppanyaki

Located at the ground floor nearby the garden, this traditional Japanese restaurant offers a large selection of Sushis, Makis, Sashimis and classic dishes.

Every-single order is prepared upon request, made from fresh ingredients carefully selected.

Choose between our comfortable booths, Teppanyaki station, or private rooms.

Come for the relaxing ambience, stay for the delicious food.


Special occasion? Book in advance:

(especially recommended for the Teppanyakis station)

Beside the “public” area, there are 5 small private rooms (up to 7 people recommended), and 1 big private room (14 recommended).

+856 (0)21 266 888

Opening Hours

Tokyo Sushi and Teppanyaki is opened everyday:

Lunch: 11 am – 14:30 pm

Dinner: 17 pm – 22 pm.