The Story

The Landmark Mekong Riverside Hotel started from a dream of its founder, Mr. Yao Bin, to experience excellent service and hospitality in the region of Laos as he had experienced through his travels in many countries.

His vision then expanded further in blending the beautiful culture with contemporary trends into the Hotel.

The Landmark Mekong Riverside Hotel’s dream turned into reality in the year 2012.

This magnificent facility was created through mixing cultures and modern designs including 5 stars services and attractive cultural beliefs.

With this, the founder dedicates his heart and soul to the staffs and goes by the golden rule of “Happy staff makes excellent service for happy customers”.

Mekong and Symbolism

The Mekong River represents the strength in unifying the southeast regions of Lao as well providing the natural necessities for the people residing along the river.

The Mekong River, like many rivers in southeast Asia holds a strong spiritual belief. For instance, in southern Laos it is said that there is a Naga (a deity taking the form of a Serpent) palace at the bottom of the Mekong River.

It is believed that strong spirits live in rivers and other special places. The Naga is said to represent a protector of Buddhism and is the first level of the heavens.

Therefore, the Logo of the Landmark Mekong Riverside Hotel is made from:

  1. The Mekong River, legendary symbol of Laos cultural heritage
  2. Pha That Luang, reflecting the inheritance of religious culture and faithfulness among Laotian.
  3. The Moon, celestial body of strong spiritual influence over the earth, reflecting on the Mekong River as in the Laotian flag.